What is Run-the-Gauntlet? A gauntlet is an ancient obstacle course, designed to challenge the bravest, strongest Knight. Our modern day gauntlet will include a ¼ mile walk/run course and a fun Gauntlet.


When is Run-the-Gauntlet? The RTG Kickoff Pep Rally will be November 10th. RTG will be on November 19th!!


What is our fundraising goal? $50,000, which is $62.50 per student.


How is money raised?  Students ask family, friends and members of the community to sponsor them. They explain how they will be walking or running during the event and how the school will benefit from their donations. By obtaining an upfront, flat donation, the students do not have to return to collect money after the fun run is over.


How is the money used? The money raised goes directly back to the students and teachers of Kendall Elementary School. It will help purchase teaching resources and tools, teacher grants, as well as host school events and field trips.



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Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!